Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cattails and a Cat's Tails

Cattail Marsh in Beaumont, Texas is named after the abundant Cattail plants (Typha sp.) that grow in the marsh. In addition to the Cattails and other plants, it is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, including Alligators and numerous species of birds. On this visit I would discover a resident, that I have never seen before in the wild.
While walking along one of the roads that border the individual cells of the marsh, I notice a gray shape at the edge of the high grass. It looked like it might be an animal but I wasn't sure, so I pointed the camera and zoomed in. I was amazed to see a Bobcat ( Lynx rufus ), laying in the grass, and watching me. When I began to try to move a little closer, it ducked down, trying to be a little less obvious. Eventually I got too close and it ran for cover, but I was thrilled to have seen my first wild Bobcat.

Cattails at Cattail Marsh, Beaumont, Texas

Bobcat keeping an eye on me.

Bobcat - Lynx rufus

Bobcat attempting to hide.

Bobcat shows me a cat's tail.

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