Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Blue Heron Cam

In the last post I talked about the Hawk Cam  that  Cornell University has online, now they have a Great Blue Heron Cam posted. In 2009 Great Blue Herons started building a nest at this site and early this year the university put up a couple of cameras which are online now. The herons returned about 10 days ago and the female layed her first egg just yesterday. Even though the Hawk Cam operates 24/7 it is hard to see what is going on after nightfall. With the Heron Cam one of the cameras takes good night video, so you can check at any hour and still see good pictures. To Check out the Heron Cam follow this link. 
Heron Cam

 Below are a couple a pictures of the nest. The video is much better than the screen captures below.

Great Blue Heron on it's nest.
Great Blue Heron on nest. 
Night shot of Great Blue Heron on nest.
Night shot of Great Blue Heron on nest. 

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