Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pleasure Island Part 3

Continuing south along T. B. Ellison/Martin Luther King Jr. Drive you find photo opportunities on both sides of the road. The left side of the road away from the ship channel is mostly high reeds and some areas of stand water. The photo below was taken in this area.
Snowy Egret and Common Gallinule hiding behind it. 
For about a mile and a half, past the hurricane damaged road mentioned in the last post ( see Pleasure Island Part 2 ) the road moves away from the ship channel. Then it parallels the channel all the way to the Causeway Bridge. The pilings, barricades, rocks and mud flats attract shore birds.
Barricades to prevent erosion
Ships travelling in the channel produces powerful wakes, which pound the shore line. 

  Snowy Egret in the path of destruction.

Neotropic Cormorant 

Herring Gulls on pilings. 

Variety of Gulls

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